Urban Center Condesa

Architecture plans

Durango 205, Col. Roma Norte, Delegación Cuauhtémoc,

México, D.F. C.P. 06700 T. 01 (55) 5308 3360

Urban Center Condesa Durango is located in the “Roma” neighborhood of Mexico City, State of Distrito Federal. This urban shopping center is situated on calle Durango, several meters away from the famous fountain “Fuente de la Cibeles”. The immediate surroundings of the area are vibrant and enjoyable. The treelined calle Durango hosts many restaurants, small shops and entertainment venues that attract foot traffic to this neighborhood. This urban shopping center offers 1,454 m2 of gross leassing area on three levels with 36 parking lots, one of the main advantage points of this residential zone. Given its size, Urban Center Condesa Durango doesn’t have any anchor tenants, and is rather classified as “gourmet center” that incorporates various restaurant establishments and entertainment venues.


1,031 m2

1,922 m2


1,454 m2

1,454 m2



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